8 Tips on how to stay motivated

tips to stay motivated
Credits: Pexels

Do you feel as if you are lacking behind and losing motivation every now and then in the journey of achieving your dreams? Well, it ’s not only you who is finding it hard to stay motivated at times but a lot of people are facing the same problem.

While it may sound annoying and you may even lose hope as to how to cope with such feelings and thoughts, it ’s not that hard. So, here are some tips that would help you stay motivated and push you to strive hard for your dreams.

1. Set your own goals

tips to stay motivated

Following other people and not doing something that your heart suggests would drain all your energy. Setting up your own goals would keep you going and you would also enjoy every part of your struggle because you would know that you are doing all this for something you want to achieve in life.

2. Don ’t set unrealistic goals

Setting up unrealistic goals like you can lose 10 kgs in a month can put a completely opposite impact on you than motivating you. It can cause stress as well as anxiety leaving you worried and less energetic. You should focus more on realistic goals and take one step at a time towards your goal in order to work more efficiently.

3. Reward yourself

tips to stay motivated

Having the feeling that you are achieving something can be a great motivator therefore you should really think about rewarding yourself even after completing small tasks of yours. You should train your mind to be happy about your small achievements and celebrate them with small rewards.

4. Surround yourself with enthusiastic people

tips to stay motivated

The atmosphere around you also determines your mood as well as your motivation. If you surround yourself with aimless people it is going to affect your growth and your enthusiasm towards achieving your goal. You should choose enthusiastic and determined people as your company to keep yourself motivated.

5. Don ’t hesitate to ask for help

You are a human being and can feel low and down a lot of times, but staying in the same mood won ’t do any good to you. So, what you need to do is find your way out of that sulking mood even if you have to ask for help for that. Asking for the company of your close ones, a pep talk from your mother, etc is not something to feel shy about and can also help you gain your motivation again. 

6. Take breaks

tips to stay motivated

Taking breaks and time-outs are a part of the journey. We all go through the ups and downs of life and may need breaks at times. So, what you need to keep in mind is that you may need a break from things and that is completely alright and you don ’t have to feel guilty about it.

7. Motivate others

Motivation is a form of energy and we have heard a lot about energy flowing from one person to another. So, if you motivate others you are sure to feel motivated on your own as well. 

8. Remember why you started

Not forgetting the reason why you started work in the first place is also quite important. This would help you stay motivated reminding you of your dream even when you are losing your motivation.